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Small But United Team To Help You

Our primary goal is to help students get a sound foundation in SQL Server Administration and Development and IT knowledge. Meet the team below that will help you attain your career.

Raf Asghar

Founder & CEO

Jacqueline G Shaffer

Technical Support Advisor

Zeeshan Pasha

Director Of Marketing

Thank you Raf!! It was interesting from the starting to end!! And thank you for your wish, I hope we goanna get a job,especially the course that you have made about SSIS and SSRS that helps us to be a good candidate for the job . Keep it up
Wonde M
This is a real meat and potatoes course delivered by an experienced production DBA. The course is taught as if you are being trained to actually do the job of a DBA. Very responsive to questions. I liked the presentation style, not overly formal or dry. This series Part 1-3 provides tremendous value.
Matthew P
Best Production DBA-SQL Server Training Course Ever. Takes his time but explains very well and provides downloadable course material for lectures which makes the process of watching his tutorial, understanding the lecture, and testing them out very easy and perfect for learning quickly and thoroughly.
Sultan A
The guy is excellent
Sergio M
Thank you Raphael for making this course. This is an exactly matching my expectation. I am near completing level-1 now. This is an excellent course and will recommend for anyone interested in learning SSRS. Each module is pretty much self-contained, your speaking is at the right pace so I never get bored while watching it continuously. I like the way you starts and end each module and increasing productivity by showing a completed version before and while developing each report. I am registered for the level 2 also. Thanks again.
Kanny N
I like the practical nature of this course
Lorraine A
Clear, Concise, straight to the point and easy to understand to implement on our own and become confident with the subject.
Rajbir S
SSIS was a very well organized course covering a lot of material related to integration packages. I have now completed the 3 admin courses along with the SSIS course and they have all been great.
Sherman C
Excellent pace and very informative. Loving this course!
Adam R
I'm learning a lot from the class so far and it has been very helpful in my job. Just what I need. Looking forward to future videos.
Steve W
Great tutorials .every topics explained in details which makes me more comfortable to understands thanks you for this kind of "lifesaving “tutorial
Shamin S
Very In-depth course for learning all the fundamentals of T-SQL. Definitely worth it!
Jotham B
High quality course, plenty of query statements from tutor to help students get up to speed. I recommend this course to everyone who is thinking about becoming DBA and to get certified.
Pawel O
Raphael absolutely rocks! His instructions/teaching style made the course enjoyable, easy to follow and understand. I recommend this course to anyone and everyone looking to become an SSIS Specialist. I hope your other courses are as interesting as this one. See you in your other videos.
David D
Excellent course. The instructor is very knowledgeable and the lectures very practical. You truly learn what a day to day of a DBA consists on and how to follow the best practices for administration. I feel this course is a must have for any Microsoft DBA.
Alex L
Raphael explains administration techniques in full detail and shows in SQL Server how it is exactly done. I follow along in SQL Server and complete all the tasks. I find this to be the best way to learn - to hear it, to see it and to do it.
Michael R
One of the best instructor I have found in my life, I will take any subject he teach. THE BEST TEACHER. Always five stars for you sir.
Mohammed D
The course is superbly delivered.
Ibrahim F
I have learned lots of thing in this course about High availability and DR solution. I hereby do appreciate your hard work for this course. If you upload any new course, I will buy it because your teaching method is very good & understandable easily.
Emon H
This is the best learning platform for non IT students and IT professionals as this is step by step course and trainer does cover everything in detail. GREAT INFORMATION
Sukhedev C
Good introductory course. Instructor is well organized in the course layout and clearly guides through the steps without wasting time. It is really nice that we can setup a fully functional environment with shareware/ trial software to learn MS SQL Server.
This is the second course I have taken from Raphael and it is outstanding. I have been learning so much about SQL server administration from these courses. I can highly recommend this course if you are new to SQL server administration. Great course to build a foundation for SQL server.
Jared C
This is an incredible series of videos! Very practical and straight to the point while giving a clear explanation of the theories involved. Excellent overall!
Farhan I
I have all 8 courses from the instructor, He is a very good and clear on the subject of SQL SERVER.
Roger K
Awesome! Very well defined. Excellent work. Good knowledge
Adil A
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